Bea’s Birthday Spa Party


Party Decor for Bea’s Spa Party

We don’t often do kid spa parties, but when we do, the moms sure know how to outdo themselves!

For Bea’s 7th birthday spa party, her mother Natasha had put in so much thought into planning and decorating the party. The lovely pink-coloured theme was perfect for a kid spa, which comprised a soap-making activity, followed by mani and pedi for everyone. It was the first time the girls had their nails done, so needless to say the experience was fascinating and fun!

We are thoroughly inspired to do more kid spa parties in time to come.

Best Health Carnival of the Year!

If you think health fairs are preachy and draggy, you haven’t seen Disney’s yet. These masters of animation sure know how to bring in the fun, engaging and delicious into matters of health.

This year, the mascot for Disney’s Health Carnival is no other than Baymax of “Big Hero 6” fame. Baymax prompts the staff to undergo obligatory health checks and visit the many health stations packing the halls.


“What I like the most, naturally, was the massage booth… It was actually one of the best things,” chirps Leslie Lee of Disney Channel Programming.

Not surprising. According to Puay Ser, head of Human Resources at Disney, corporate massage always tops the list. The folks at Disney work hard and long hours, so a chair massage is highly sought after.

Chair Massage

The best chair massage by certified therapists.

Here are some of the other stations that make Disney Health Carnival so awesome:

Self-defence demo by Modern Street Combatives.

Self-defence demo by Modern Street Combatives.

Mission Juice packs a powerful, fruity punch.

Mission Juice packs a powerful, fruity punch.


Shoghurt is just that – SO GOOD!


Ergonomics consultation for the desk-bound, including Mickey!


Photo opportunity with Baymax.

Is this the best health carnival we’ve seen yet? You bet!

Halimah’s Spa Party

Hen parties range widely in size, from four girls to the dozen. But there’s always one thing in common – only bosom friends are invited! Whether they’re childhood pals or workplace buddies, they all mattered enough to the future bride to be on her guest list.

So it was certainly heartening to see, in the midst of all the talk about racial ties in Singapore, friends of various races coming together at Halimah’s spa party. LOVE!

We’d like to thank Arisya and friends for engaging our Spa Party service, and we send Halimah our best wishes for a lifetime of happiness!

Spa Party

Bride-to-be Halimah and friends, in Village Hotel Katong.


National Day Appreciation at Assisi Hospice

MP Desmond Choo with staff of Assisi Hospice

As we wind down the week’s corporate spa events centred on National Day, one event particularly stood out. It was a lunch-cum-massage treat sponsored by Young NTUC, as tribute to the staff of Assisi Hospice.

The venue was the education centre of the hospice – a humble, no-frills room where furniture and training equipment were pushed to the sides to make way for the foot reflexology stations and lunch buffet. The chairs were a mishmash of sorts, having been donated by various sponsors. The atmosphere was somewhat dreary, with the lingering reminder of death just down the corridor…not what you’d typically expect of a corporate spa venue.

But what came after we set up our foot reflexology stations instantly lifted the mood. The hospice staff began strolling in, filling the room with lively chatter and bright smiles. It was clearly a day they had been looking forward to, a day to celebrate the nation’s birthday and the lives of those who have helped in nation-building. It was also a rare time for the staff to kick off their shoes and allow themselves to be pampered.

MP Desmond Choo, the VIP that day, delivered a most heart-rending speech. He recognised that working in a hospice can’t be easy. You forge friendships with the patients, some of who go home after recovering but most go home to the Lord. There is no glitz, glamour or glory to speak of.  Is has to be, quite simply, an answer to one’s calling.


MP Desmond Choo making his heart-rending tribute.

Assisi staff enjoying foot reflexology in the education centre.

A corporate massage for the hospice staff was therefore very apt for this occasion. It serves as recognition of their selfless work and a chance for them to relieve stress. It was such a humbling experience for us and indeed a great honour to serve them.

To all nurses and staff working in hospitals, hospices and homes, and those providing home care: Thank you for caring for our patients, including those living out their last days. We salute you!

Happy 51st Birthday, Singapore!

National Day

On our nation’s 51st birthday, we’d like to give thanks for all the blessings that we enjoy today. Being able to live harmoniously with people of different creed and colour, in particular, is not something we take lightly. As a mobile spa, it means so much to us to be able to go out and serve others, without fearing for our staff’s safety and dignity. May we continue to be blessed!

Aleyda Mobile Spa is proudly Singaporean, founded and run by true-bred Singaporeans. Happy National Day, Singapore! We love you!

Helloworld for Business Summit

We’ve provided corporate massage at plenty of summits and conferences. Some were more well received than others. A cozy backdrop like this one here is warm and inviting, creating the perfect mood for networking and relaxation.

Qantas has done a great job in bringing the atmosphere right out of its fight-class lounge in Sydney Airport, right down to the carpet. Our therapists will be very busy indeed.

Chair massage courtesy of Qantas, happening 13 – 14 May 2016, at the Helloworld for Business Summit.

Chair massage