Corporate wellness for every body.

Attaining good health is hard, more so if you have to do it alone. In Aleyda, we are committed to helping employees develop critical self-care skills and nurturing a workplace culture that's pro-wellness. Our corporate wellness programmes are based on scientific findings, as well as professional and personal experience, culled from over 12 years in the wellness and training sectors.

♥ Massage Your Headaches Away

Headaches come in different names but they all have one thing in common – they affect your mood, ability to focus and stress levels. Yet the source of the headache is rarely in the parts of the head that hurt. Discover how neck and shoulder tension could be linked to your headaches, and master scientifically proven self-massage techniques to keep tension headaches at bay.

♥ Massage Your Back Pain Away

Prolonged sitting, coupled with poor posture, is a formula for back pain, hip pain and stabbing pain down the legs. Reclaim your quality of life through evidence-based self-massage techniques for the back and butt, using simple objects and massage tools. Top that off with key lifestyle changes you can make to keep your back in good shape.

♥ Stretches for the Sedentary Worker

Heavy reliance on technology in the workplace has lead to a sedentary lifestyle with staggering consequences on our posture and general health. Gain a clear understanding of how muscles function and how to stretch them effectively to alleviate muscular discomfort, improve blood circulation and relieve stress. Targeted stretching for various parts of the body makes this workshop suitable for white-collar workers and less sedentary blue-collar ones.

♥ Beat Stress With Aromatherapy

The therapeutic benefits of essential oils have been known for thousands of years – to positively affect mood, reduce stress levels, uplift the body and mind, boost the immune system and even alleviate physical ailments. Learn how to select the right essential oils for relaxation or stimulation, and the appropriate application to suit your mental and emotional needs.

♦ Boosting Your Sleep Quality

Sleep deprivation brings many undesirable effects to our health, including reducing workplace productivity to shortening lifespan. Gain an understanding of the architecture of sleep, then pick up useful tips to create a conducive sleep environment and science-backed strategies to hack your sleep.

♦ Postures for Optimal Sleep

Just one night of sleeping with a poor posture could find you waking up with a back pain, neck strain or a feeling that you hadn’t slept a wink. Research shows that not all sleep positions are created equal. Find out which sleep position is most suited for you, how you could correct your sleep position, and what type of mattress and supports you should use.

♦ Combating the Sitting Disease

A growing body of research indicates that long periods of sitting raise your risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity. This talk educates participants on the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle and motivates them to make workplace and lifestyle changes to escape this physical entrapment.


Duration: 90min  Class Size: 20 - 30 pax


Duration: 75min  Class Size: 20 - 60 pax

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