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Best Health Carnival of the Year!

If you think health fairs are preachy and draggy, you haven’t seen Disney’s yet. These masters of animation sure know how to bring in the fun, engaging and delicious into matters of health.

This year, the mascot for Disney’s Health Carnival is no other than Baymax of “Big Hero 6” fame. Baymax prompts the staff to undergo obligatory health checks and visit the many health stations packing the halls.


“What I like the most, naturally, was the massage booth… It was actually one of the best things,” chirps Leslie Lee of Disney Channel Programming.

Not surprising. According to Puay Ser, head of Human Resources at Disney, corporate massage always tops the list. The folks at Disney work hard and long hours, so a chair massage is highly sought after.

The best chair massage by certified therapists.

Here are some of the other stations that make Disney Health Carnival so awesome:

Self-defence demo by Modern Street Combatives.

Self-defence demo by Modern Street Combatives.

Mission Juice packs a powerful, fruity punch.

Mission Juice packs a powerful, fruity punch.


Shoghurt is just that – SO GOOD!


Ergonomics consultation for the desk-bound, including Mickey!


Photo opportunity with Baymax.

Is this the best health carnival we’ve seen yet? You bet!

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